Organizational Value Stream
VALUE STREAMs represent the series of steps that an organization uses to build Solutions that provide a continuous flow of value to a Customer. Value streams are used to define and realize Organizational level business objectives and organize delivery team to deliver value more rapidly to consumers.
Defining and creating a value stream follows an iterative approach, though various companies follow customized phases within the iterative cycle. The primary phases with the cycle are essentially five as mentioned below:
Many of the organizations lag to align to the concept of value stream, when the transition is in progress from traditional to agile ways of working. And this is where Drility consulting plays the role of being the fulcrum is enabling, guiding and empowering clients to ensure:
  • All stakeholders understand the concept of Organizational Value Stream
  • Aligns roles & responsibilities to vision & objectives of the respective value streams
  • Co-create, commit & owns the accountability
  • Ensures Risks and Dependencies are well communicated and managed via various governance tools & techniques
Value Stream Types:
There are often two types of value streams present in the enterprise:
Operational value streams – The steps used to provide goods or services to a customer, be they internal or external. This is how the company makes its money.
Development value streams – The steps used to develop new products, systems, or services capabilities. Development Value Streams build the systems that operational value streams use to deliver value
Sometimes the operational and development streams are the same, as when a solution provider develops a product for sale and feeds distribution directly (ex., a small SaaS company). In that case, there is only one value stream—as the development and operational value stream are the same.
However, particularly in the context of the big IT shop, understanding both types of value streams is critical, as the development value stream feeds the operational value stream.
While the primary purpose of Drility consulting is guiding the people who build the systems, it’s essential first to understand the overall flow of value, so that teams can develop and optimize solutions to accelerate the business result. Further, many of the critical requirements for the development value streams are not just functionality, but also solution and enterprise architecture, which are driven directly by the operational value streams.
The workshop will be extensive and would cover aspects like:
  • Value Stream definition & identification (via Design Thinking)
  • Mapping Value streams to LoBs: re-image
  • Funding & Budgeting Value Streams
  • Data driven decision making – Dynamic budgeting
  • RASCI, SIPOC & Roles and Responsibilities mapping to value stream
  • Rolling out Value Stream implementation
  • Scaling up across the Enterprise
  • Centralized governance
  • Sustain & Continual improvement
Portfolio management, Senior Executives, Product managers, Program management, Architect community (Enterprise, Solution & System architects), Project managers, Leads, Support functions (HR, Finance, Operations, Release, Database teams, Network, Shared services, etc
What attendees will learn:
  • How to create and map value stream aligned to organizational vision and mission
  • How to align roles and responsibilities with value stream
  • How to Fund & budget value stream
  • How to manage demand variance without CRs
  • How to track & govern Value stream
  • How to scale up value stream success stories across LoBs