Newsletter 9 Dec 2018

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How to Understand Customer Touchpoints and Design Better User Experience?

There are as many different definitions for the word “touchpoint” in customer experience design and marketing as there are flavors on the average restaurant menu. Why? Because these disciplines have been evolving rapidly over the last decades and terminology has become fluid rather than static. To make matters more complicated – the term “touchpoint” is also often confused with the term “channel”. Read More

Deciding What Kind of Projects are Most Suited for Agile

I was recently asked what kind of project is most suited for the agile process. In my view, the most appropriate projects for agile are ones with aggressive deadlines, a high degree of complexity, and a high degree of novelty (uniqueness) to them. We want to use agile when we are doing something that is new, or at least new to the team building it. If it’s something the team has done before over and over then the team probably doesn’t need an agile approach. Read More

Upgrade your Sprint Planning, Gain Engagement from your Development Team

Hello, great people of the world. It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post here. This time I want to share my experience working with Development Teams and a Product Owner at iPrice group who upgraded the way they ran their Sprint Planning.

In some teams around the world, Sprint Planning is seen as the most dreaded Scrum event and because of this reason, they’re thinking to drop Sprints. In some teams, the Sprint has been misused by the management to become a mini-waterfall where Sprint Planning is an opportunity to lock down how much the Development Team should deliver every Sprint. It is not rare to see in some organizations, the management ensures that the current Sprint velocity should match the previous Sprints velocity and ensure everyone is 100% busy throughout the Sprint. Some teams try really hard to measure the time allocation for development work vs. support work. Read More

One Shocking Thing Many Agile Coaches Are Getting Wrong

Many Agile coaches and Scrum Masters believe they know best. They believe teams must follow a certain set of steps and do things a certain way, and if they do, those teams will be more productive, happy, and successful than ever.

There’s a problem with thinking that way. That style of thinking is part of what got many organizations into the mess they’re in today. That style of management thinking derives from something called Taylorism. Read More

User Stories: Create a Realistic, Concrete and Shared View of Your Users

Let’s examine a tool so simple yet so powerful that once you’ve learned about it, you will apply it in all your projects. It is a great design method that enhances collaboration among all stakeholders.

Users’ Needs are a core part of Agile: the User Stories

There are so many articles about UX and Agile. Lots of them are rants about how Agile is so UX unfriendly, how these two approaches cannot work together, etc. Yes, it is difficult to work on software projects. Yes, it is challenging to work in collaboration with other disciplines. And, while we’re at it, we might say “yes” to so many cons, that we won’t address them all in a single article. Read More

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