Newsletter 30 Dec 2018

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Great Customer Experience Is The Combination Of Design Thinking And Agile Marketing

A great amount of time and investment is spent ensuring that consumers move through a sales funnel in the way that creates the desired outcome for marketers. What we know, however, is that consumers are not always likely to have a linear progression from the point of awareness to the point of sale. Read More

Telling More Compelling Stories Through Design Thinking

From the iPhone to everyday furniture, design thinking has enabled some of the world’s most beloved brands like Apple and Ikea to develop intentional and human-centric products. Often used in product and experience development, more marketers and start-ups are now incorporating design thinking in the way they approach marketing and branding initiatives.  Design thinking encourages marketers to be more empathetic in their approach in communicating with customers.  In other words, putting themselves in customer shoes to understand their needs, desires, and potentially problems. Rather than selling features, we should be emphatic and tell stories. Read More

 Making the Elusive, Conclusive: How Leading Agile Organizations Are Succeeding

When it comes to Agile transformation, only one clear rule stands: No two Agile transformations look alike. And that’s both the beauty of Agile and one of the toughest obstacles executives who set out to become more Agile face. There is no rule book. Read More

The Agile Way: Trust Your Talent

The best quarterbacks in the NFL, such as Tom Brady, do an excellent job of making the right calls on the field. This is what has helped make the New England Patriots one of the best teams in NFL history. Once the play clock hits 15 seconds, communication between the QB and coaches shuts off. At this point, Brady continues to read the defence and makes his own calls. When Brady feels confident he has the right matchups, he’ll finally say, “Hike!” Read More

Embracing agile development: Don’t let technical debt get in the way of innovation

To ultimately get rid of technical debt, or at least make moves to reduce it, developers need to take an Agile approach to ensure its easier to handle. Read More


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