Newsletter 27 Jan 2019

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3 Ways to Design Better Service Experiences

“Service design can feel less tangible at times, because it’s such a human interaction, but we all know the benefits of getting it right can have lasting effects for your org or brand.” Read More

How Design Thinking Leads to Increased User Engagement

In today’s flooded markets for products and services, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out in the sea of noise and stay competitive.

Consumers have ever higher standards and expectations — as they should — and are quick to abandon any product or service that is confusing, slow, or doesn’t meet their needs. Read More

NoRedInk: Using a Design Sprint to Solve the Student “Mastery Problem”

Make Learning Fun

Learning should be fun. Amidst the many debates raging in the education space, this concept is rarely contested. But while we may agree on the mission of creating inspiring, supportive, and fun learning environments, the method is harder to pin down. Certainly, learning can be fun, but it can also be arduous, tiring, and, at times, frustrating. Read More

Amplify Agile With DevOps

Agile and DevOps may seem like different movements, but if you look at their goals, you find that they are strikingly similar. Look at the value Agile and DevOps deliver. That is, look at the “why” of DevOps, and look at the “why” of Agile. When you look closer you discover that the goals of both are to get value to the customer quicker and to change to market demands more quickly. DevOps takes the principles introduced in Agile and extends them beyond code check-in to deployment and operations. Read More

Agile at scale, explained

With talk of scrums and sprinting, corporate environments are starting to sound a bit more like rugby matches these days. But the terminology, borrowed from the popular English sport, actually refers to an alternative way of managing work: agile. Read More


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