Newsletter 23 Dec 2018

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The Business Case for Design Thinking

Design thinking is often touted as a great way to generate creativity and inspire innovation. But did you know this approach has been proven to deliver significant financial results? Read More

Why Your HR Department Should Embrace Design Thinking

Design has a tremendous power to influence human behavior and thus effect change. Richard Farson PhD, psychologist, educator and author of The Power of Design, asserts: “Design, the creation of form, has the power to transform culture, ignite education, foster community, and even broker peace. Design achieves its power because it can create situations, and a situation is more determining of what people will actually do than is personality, character, habit, genetics, unconscious motives or any other aspect of our individual makeup.” As Farson points out, “Nobody smokes in church, no matter how addicted.”

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6 ways to create an amazing agile team

So, you want to be an amazing agile team. Who can blame you? It’s human nature to want to build something awesome, especially when your team is just starting to take shape. You’re in it to win it. You want to release great software — all while making it look easy.

But, unfortunately, there’s no magic recipe, secret sauce, or tried-and-true formula to becoming a truly top-notch team — which is what agile is all about. It’s supposed to be different and ever-changing depending on each team and its circumstances.

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Agile doesn’t Just mean fast

Agile means sustainable, high quality, and value-driven output.

Unfortunately, there are those who think all Agile is about is ensuring that your delivery is fast. I have even heard comments in my experience that fast is good, even if you must compromise on quality. And that Scrum is not so good, or at least it is not the framework of choice, because of the “scope freeze” that happens during the iteration or Sprint and hence there is a waiting period during the Spring before any more items can be picked up by the team. That is, even if your Sprint duration is as short as one week. Read More


Honestly, the handbag was always screaming for a redesign. When you see people joking about how a woman’s handbag is an endless abyss or a portal into a universe where all your belongings are stored, you need to ask yourself, “Doesn’t it need relooking at?”.

My theory is that the handbag industry was created to exploit the fact that women’s pants never had pockets and therefore women couldn’t carry wallets. However, the handbag has always had very basic compartments with little to no thought put into them. Look, conversely, at a laptop bag and you’ll see the difference in outlook and the resulting compartmentalization. Read More


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