Newsletter 16 Dec 2018

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Backlog Grooming: Who Should Attend and How to Maximize Value

Product Backlog grooming is not yet an official scrum meeting, but many have discovered as valuable and can lead to a more productive sprint-planning meeting. Read More

How to Develop an Empathic Approach in Design Thinking

Empathy requires us to put aside our learning, culture, knowledge, opinions, and worldview purposefully in order to understand other peoples’ experiences of things deeply and meaningfully. It requires a strong sense of imagination for us to be able to see through another person’s eyes. It requires humility so we can seek to abandon our preconceived ideas and biases. It requires that we have a heightened awareness of other peoples’ needs, wants, motivations and goals. Let’s go through the traits an empathic observer should possess—and some methods you can use to gain a deep understanding of the people for whom you are designing. Read More

Agile Transformation And High-Performance Teams

In the era for transformations, every organization is undergoing Agile Transformation, seeking agile teams would be delivering pre-measured outcome as per customer needs and per timelines committed by business teams. Whereas the fact is that with just agile adoption does not guarantee teams would become high-performance teams delivering values as per the business needs.

Before moving ahead and towards agile Transformation let’s understand what is AGILE, it is “ability to move quickly and easily. In software development, it can be targeted to produce working, quality software, in short, fast increments also known as continuous delivery. This often requires that teams are able to accept and implement fast changing requirements/needs. Read More

Why agile organizations are winning and why so many people need to change their mindset!

Outdated paradigms regarding how an organization should work are still deeply embedded in our mindset. Such paradigms are formed about beliefs around stability, certainty, simplicity, clarity, which all bring us comfort. Naturally, the dynamics in the marketplaces have shifted and new paradigms evolved, where organizations are embracing fluidity, volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity. However, still in 2018, soon to be 2019, many organizations continue to ignore the new paradigms shifts, as they find it difficult to change and continue to operate using incremental development, which is linear. Read More

MVPs Don’t Validate the Product, They Validate the Need

Today, everyone is talking about Minimum Viable Products, or MVPs. Start-ups are planning their first MVP to bring to market. Established organizations are deciding when the MVP of a new initiative will be ready to launch. And even individual teams are wondering how many sprints it will take for them to reach their MVP. Read More


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