Newsletter 06 Jan 2019

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DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) Training Partner

We are very excited about becoming a DASA Forerunner because of the fact that DASA is focused on building market awareness and thought leadership for the companies looking to adopt DevOps.

Why Workplace Culture Matters (And How to Build a Good One)

Often, people want to write culture off as a slew of perks you might find at tech companies. But really, culture is about creating an environment that makes it possible for people to work together to come up with innovative products and ideas—the same products and ideas that drive revenue. Read More

Design Thinking: Get Started with Prototyping

Prototyping is an integral part of Design Thinking and User Experience design in general because it allows us to test our ideas quickly and improve on them in an equally timely fashion. The Institute of Design at Stanford ( encourages a “bias towards action”, where building and testing is valued over thinking and meeting. However, why is prototyping so important in the design process? Moreover, how does it help you create human-centred design solutions? Before we start making prototypes to test our assumptions, let’s get a closer understanding behind the what, how and why of prototyping. Read More

How to Recognize Team Synergy in Agile Teams

Ok, so you’re about to start your project and you look toward your resourcing department to get new team members to join the group. You realize quickly, that you want to be sure you can foresee whether or not your colleagues will allow for creating something great and interesting. As you proceed with introductions and discussions, you start to wonder how soon your agile team will reach its fullest potential regarding synergy and the related benefits of reaching that high point. Read More

The DevOps Revolution: Delivering Software That Drives Your Business Forward

Join contributing editor John Gallant and DevOps Institute CEO Jayne Groll for an insightful discussion about how to accelerate software development and time to stakeholder value by adopting agile practices across the entire organization. Watch Video

Why Agile Goes Awry — and How to Fix It

In the spirit of becoming more adaptive, organizations have rushed to implement Agile software development. But many have done so in a way that actually makes them less agile. These companies have become agile in name only, as the process they’ve put in place often ends up hurting engineering motivation and productivity. Read More


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