Kanban Workshop
After Scrum the next best adapted and upcoming Framework is Kanban. About 10% of the project across IT industry adapt this framework. But lately this frame work is moving form just being adopted by Maintenance and Ticketing projects to actual Scrum project. Industry is waking up to the true potential of this framework and year by year the percentage of industries adapting this Framework is increasing.

Attend our workshop to completely understand how this Framework works and what are the tools and techniques associated with tis framework and how you can adopt those in your current project.
The workshop will be extensive and would cover aspects like:
  • Meaning of Kanban
  • Definition of Kanban Method
  • Kanban Principles
  • Kanban Practices – Visualization, WIP Limits, etc.
  • Classes of service and work item types
  • Designing Kanban boards
All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience
What attendees will learn:
  • Guide a team in their adoption of Kanban
  • Embrace a service-delivery mindset and help the team Identify and reduce the bottlenecks that obstruct your development process
  • Learn how to measure and use meaningful Kanban metrics like Flow Efficiency, Lead Time Distribution, Control Chart and Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD)
  • Learn how to decide WIP limits and conduct effective daily stand up and other Kanban meetings