Enterprise Release Planning
A Release planning is a guideline that reflects expectations about which features will be implemented and when they are completed. These planning sessions becomes complex when there are multiple teams, who depend on each other during various stages of the development cycle leading to risks in timely communications and information sharing. If a team is geographically distributed, planning and communicating not only becomes more of a challenge, but also more critical to the success of your project. That’s where a centralized release planning becomes so very important.
Objectives of Enterprise Release planning:
  • Resolve discrepancies between the product road map with a team commitment on what they can deliver in the immediate next release
  • Extend visibility across all iterations within the release, so executives can make informed budget and schedule decisions
  • Give Agile teams a chance to understand the complete set of functionality in the product
  • Risks, Dependencies, Capacity-Load, etc are well organised and governedRisks, Dependencies, Capacity-Load, etc are well organised and governed
We at Drility consulting understand these problem, which organisations need to agile, face and one of the key reasons for agile failures and lower customer satisfaction score. Drawing inputs from various industry experts, we have designed our Enterprise Release planning workshop to support and guide organisations in leveraging the success stories that many of worlds leading companies have realised.
The workshop would help participants in breaking down the program items and create a prioritized sample which can be committed for the next release which the teams would be working on. It’s a session where stakeholders from all sections of the organisation would participate, who have a contribution toward the committed release requirements and release board is created as below.

Enterprise Planning Board

Enterprise Planning session in progress
The workshop will be extensive and would cover aspects like:
  • Release pre-planning readiness
  • Refinement of Program level backlog
  • Identifying participating stakeholders
  • Defining the release agenda and communicating
  • Organizing the Release planning session
  • Validating the deliverables of the release planning session
  • Feedback workshop post release session
  • Rolling wave planning for next couple of release
  • Setting expectations for release execution, etc
Our Enterprise Release Planning workshop will be conducted by highly experienced experts
Portfolio management, Senior Executives, Product managers, Program management, Architect community (Enterprise, Solution & System architects), Agile teams, All dependent support teams, Release & operation teams, etc )
What attendees will learn:
  • Ensures alignment among business, development, and delivery
  • Increases communication and collaboration across the entire organization
  • Coordinates dependencies and cross-team activities
  • Balances demand with capacity
  • Eliminates waste from excess Work in Progress (WIP) and architecture
  • Improves decision making