Enterprise Demand Management
Demand Management is focused on receiving, evaluating, and deciding upon work requests cross various hierarchies (Ex: Portfolio, Program, Product and/or project management) of an organization. This is accomplished with prescribed points of entry for new requests, and parameters (Business/IT) to prioritize them. Broadly, Agile uses two key concepts that enhance demand management, and support Portfolio and Program Management. These new concepts are EPICs and Value Streams.

EPICs are large cross-cutting initiatives that deliver solutions to the end user. EPICs can cut across multiple releases as well as multiple portfolios.

VALUE STREAMs are the ecosystem of teams (or Release Trains as per SAFe) that delivers continuous value to end users (internal or external).

As more teams adopt agile across the organization, the need to define EPICs & VALUE STREAMs is critical, to ensure single source of truth across levels (requirement backlogs), coordinated program planning and unified delivery approach across organisational landscape. Incorporating these practices into Demand Management is essential for Agile teams to plan effectively and Organizations to adopt agility as an outcome.

Most of the organisation’s (if not all) failure reason is lack of demand management on-time readiness. Drility Consulting wanted to bridge this gap by enabling, facilitating and supporting professionals and organisations by providing hands on 1 full day experience workshops for all levels of hierarchy which would help through the demand traceability: THEMES -> EPICS -> FEATURES -> USER STORIES -> TASKS
“The Product Owner takes responsibility of representing the business itself and the user community — their presence is key to ensuring the plan delivers Return of Investment for the business”
Organizational Level Organizational Demands Demand Owner
Portfolio Ideas
EPIC Owners
Enterprise Architect
Organizational Level Organizational Demands Demand Owner
Program EPIC
Product Management
Solution Architect
Organizational Level Organizational Demands Demand Owner
Project User Stories
Product Owners
System Architect
The workshop will be extensive and would cover aspects like:
  • Demand planning
  • Definition (backlog creation)
  • Demand breakdown
  • Prioritization using WSJF
  • Demand estimation
  • Dependencies & risk management of demand across levels
  • Demand refinement
  • Revisit and re-prioritize
  • Driving MVP and aligning demand to business objectives
  • KPIs and metrics for demand governance
  • Demand & ROI, etc
Our demand management workshop will be conducted by highly experienced experts.
Portfolio management, Senior Executives, Product managers, Program management, Architect community (Enterprise, Solution & System architects)
What attendees will learn:
  • How to create more structured and refined demand backlog
  • How to break down demand in to lower levels granularity (EPIC to Features or Features to User stories, etc)
  • How to estimate demand at each level of the organization
  • How to maintain a single backlog for functional & non-functional requirements (including technical needs)
  • How to monitor & drive backlogs as per MVP
  • How to continuously refine demand as implementation is in progress