DevOps Workshops
As things keep on changing around us on a frequent basis same is the situation in the IT industry. Everybody is trying to keep pace with the changing requirements. Time to Market is the new mantra long with the RI for the Industry. The faster an organization is able to churn out a New product in the market the more it is able to retain its customer base and add new to the same. Agile introduced us to this world where we could work in small batches but the need to release it to market was also Important. In steps DevOps which talks about a cross functional Team and the helps in ensuring products reach the market as soon as they are ready to be deployed. Importantly DevOps talk about change in mindset and importance of following an “T” model instead of an “I” model.
Objectives of DevOps:
  • Realise the importance of a true Cross Functional team and advantages of the same.
  • Important to understand it is all about People, Process and Tools rather than only Tools.
  • Ensure one understands it is all about Change in Mindset without which one cannot succeed.
  • Understand how Tools help in easing the project execution and keeps one on path of Time to Market.
We at Drility consulting understand the way the world is evolving and shaping up. Every day is a new challenge for the IT organizations and the same is passed on to the people who work in it. The strive for perfection and to conquer market drives everyone towards that goal. Any time lost is a customer lost and DevOps helps one achieve this. Come join us on this journey and let us help you during this Journey with the help of this workshop.
The workshop would help participants help realise how the Team composition would…How through various meeting one would understand how Development Team and Operations Team would do their work. The wall of confusion will give way to cooperation and coordination. This workshop would also ensure participant understand the true meaning of DevOps and how it originated. One would also be introduced to a world of Tools and execute real time simulations using the Tools.
The workshop will be extensive and would cover aspects like:
  • DevOps is a culture and not a Methodology
  • What is DevOps and how it Originated
  • Help understand the process and Cross Functional Teams
  • Simulation on real world experience using tools
  • Implementation of DevOps in an Organization
  • Importance of Automation in DevOps
Product managers, Program management, Architect, Agile teams, All dependent support teams, Release & operation teams, etc
What attendees will learn:
  • Implementation of DevOps in their Organization
  • Why DevOps is important
  • DevOps is a Culture not a methodology
  • About True Cross-Functional Teams
  • How reporting can be done for DevOps
  • Improves decision making