Design Thinking Workshop
Today’s Client asks for one particular thing when they are looking to bring anybody onboard…What is that thing different that you can offer us. They are looking for people who can help them resolve their issues and come up with a unique way of achieving the results. Today’s world is looking for Individual who have the capability of doing Out of Box thinking. Design Thinking goes a long way in helping an Individual and an Organization think on the lines of creativity and approach Out of Box Thinking.
This is a skillset which is going to be in demand in coming years as the world keeps on changing day by day. It has been long since we have been told that we are the best minds in the world when it comes to Technical skills but we lag far behind when it comes to Creativity. Now is the time to change it.
Objectives of Design Thinking are:
  • Change the way one approaches an Issue.
  • Promote simple thinking and not over-complicate things.
  • Think Out of Box and come up with unique approaches to the opportunity presented.
  • Promote Growth of an Individual both Professionally as well as Personally.
  • Help an Organization grow as being the Industry Leaders leading the change.
We at Drility consulting understand these problems, and realises the potential that each Individual has. We know that we have the capability to se both sides of our brain and not just only the Analytical sides. All we lack is the opportunity and will to change. It is with this in mind that we have set out with this workshop to just create a flicker of the Creative side that one has and thus can use that as an opportunity for implementing in projects which would lead to Personal and Organizational Growth.
The workshop shows the approach one would need to take to implement Design Thinking right from Scratch. How do we go about understanding the requirement and develop Empathy and then as a Team start working together towards that common goal of achieving the Output. On the way how one can dissect the issues and provide solutions step by step are few of the things you learn as you go along. So come join on this journey in to a New world.
The workshop will be extensive and would cover aspects like:
  • Use Creativity in the Day to Day Activities.
  • Use Design Thing tools in their personal as well as Professional Lives.
  • Understand about Critical thinking and Complex Problem Solving.
  • Help their Teams and Projects in exploring New ways of coming up with solutions.
  • Improve their Presentation Skills and importance of Understanding Requirement.
Developers, Testers, Managers, HR/Sales, Students & Everybody else is Welcome too…
What attendees will learn:
  • Newer and leaner offering
  • Activities based Session to understand topics in Details
  • Understand the concept of Design Thinking in today’s world
  • Tend to change one’s thinking and approach a problem with different solutions
  • Implement the Teachings in their Daily Professional and Personal lives